times when you don’t want to be bothered ughhh.

Posted on August 8, 2012

Like at least ask ”Are you busy?” “Can I show you something?”

Shes been in & out of my room showing me different outfits because she doesnt know what to wear to a family party. But I’m trying to watch True Blood…. its such a mood killer. Damn.

Sidenote: Asking someone what they’re thinking is intrusive. I’ll never ask that question to someone I’m not close to. & grandma I love you but we’re not close…. no.

She’s really intrusive though. Silently judging everything I do, listening in on my conversations etc. ugh. I really want to believe not all family is like mine….

Its no wonder why my mother moved across the country when she had the chance….

But me, with family on both coasts. Where do I go? Jk I can think of plenty places.

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